Ollie the mouse kisses his mother goodbye...

and travels through thick forests and the dangers in the dell to follow his dream of being a great king. His backpack has all the necessities including a sparkly chandelier (his mother insists all castles must have one) chocolate chips to keep his spirits high and a single walnut if any emergency arises.  Unfortunately, the future King faces problems at Fort Osage Farm. The lazy field mice find him odd, Rat the Ruler wants to destroy him, Gypsy the farm cat wants to eat him! But the little mouse does find friendship with a pink lady bug named Jana Indiana, a giant puppy named Karibou and Ugo, a vegetarian snake.  They along with everyone else are amazed at Ollie’s perseverance and work ethic. Ollie faces discouragement and fear in the pursuit of his dream but earns the respect of everyone at Fort Osage Farm. Together he and his allies overcome adversities and build a magical kingdom filled with mystery and adventure. 

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