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Read with Kim

  • "The Second Husband"

    "The Second Husband"

     By Kate White
    "Just when things are making sense, the next chapter challenges your theory in a delightful way."
  • "Magic Lessons"

    "Magic Lessons"

    By Alice Hoffman
    "I hated for this story to end, and gratefully it won’t, because the next in the series is waiting on my table."
  • "The Rules of Magic"

    "The Rules of Magic"

     By Alice Hoffman
    "The siblings make a way to live and love despite their family curse. A moving story filled with miracles and magic."
  • "Practical Magic"

    "Practical Magic"

     By Alice Hoffman
    "Sweet and beautiful story of independent, strong women who realize the only way through the storms of life is together."
  • "The Book of Magic"

    "The Book of Magic"

     By Alice Hoffman
    "I laughed and cried with Alice Hoffman's beloved characters and you will too, as they struggle with fear, sacrifice for their devotion and suffer for love."
  • "Black Bird House"

    "Black Bird House"

     By Alice Hoffman
    "These stories have it all, compassion and kindness, anger and animosity all weaved within the human experience amidst the breathtaking shore of Cape Cod."