Walk of the Gemini

The First Violin's Web Novel

Tom was the youngest son of the wealthy Bennett family. He was  the golden boy of his high school campus and popular with everyone in the quaint riverside town of White Oak. With the promise of a bright future, Tom travelled to Washington University in St. Louis for a college visit. For unknown reasons, he left before the tour concluded and was never seen again. The Bennett family and the people of White Oak were left to carry on not knowing Tom's Fate.

Ten years later the once grand Victorian home of the Bennett's is neglected and forgotten. Tom’s older brother Burke returns when pressured by the White Oak council to sell the home or demolish it. For Burke the home is nothing but a painful reminder of the past.

With Burke back in town questions and gossip resurface about Tom's disappearance. Chamus McCoy, a cunning investigator and old friend of the family, offers to take another look at Tom’s case.  The investigation quickly heats up and takes Chamus and his girlfriend Tera as far south as Texas. When the mystery is finally solved will Burke and the community be prepared for the shocking conclusion to the decade old mystery of Tom's disappearance?

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