"The Town I Call Home"

"The Town I Call Home"

The Town I Call Home   by Veronica Mixon
            Three Stars!
July 2022  
Small town mystery and drama. When the young lawyer is called home to represent his friend, he is thrown into a web that entangles everyone he cares about. Veronica Mixon's relationship between a father and son is poignant and touching as the impending changes are faced with humanity and tenderness. The author creates a puzzling clue, creating even greater tension. I enjoyed this quick and easy read.
-Kim Luke


Book Blurb:

A defense attorney is handed the case of a lifetime when a powerful Senator’s son is charged with murder. But fingerprint evidence points to the attorney’s elderly father, forcing him into a battle of wits with a brutal killer.

For Jackson Taylor, a prominent Atlanta attorney, the pressure to return home to the small community nestled on the bank of the Chattanooga River grows with each phone call to his father, especially since hearing the results of his dad’s recent medical test.

So when his childhood friend, the son of a powerful state senator, is charged with murdering his girlfriend, Jackson makes a life-changing decision to accept his friend’s case and leave Atlanta and his legendary record as a prosecutor behind.

Jackson believes his friend is innocent of murder, and with only circumstantial evidence, the case appears winnable. But when the missing murder weapon is discovered, fingerprint evidence points to Jackson’s dad, the ex-sheriff.

Jackson’s dad claims he doesn’t know the victim and has no memory of handling the murder weapon. Was his dad set up? And if so, who has the power to manipulate such crucial evidence?

If Jackson’s friend and father are innocent, then the killer is roaming the streets. Fearing his dad may be the next murder victim, Jackson has only one option–catch the killer.

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